2013 November

PLANBELAS (BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO developer and administrator company) is a case study published in the Sustainability Yearbook 2013 of BCSD Portugal (Business Council for Sustainable Development), with focus on its compensation of carbon emission’s project in 2011.


THE RESIDENCES AT VICTORIA CLUBE DE GOLFE, Vilamoura, awarded with the Certificate of Excellence 2013, by Trip Advisor Europe. The Trip Advisor recommendation is 100% to The Residences at Victoria.

2012 October

PLANBELAS gets a Certificate of Purchase of Carbon Credits, equivalent to the reduction of 1000 Coe regarding compensation of emissions in 2011. These credits will revert to The Yunnan Weixi Gedeng Hydropower project located in China.

2012 October

SIL (Portugal Real Estate Show) grants the Sustainable Construction Award to Belas Golf Residence, the plot 2B at BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO.

2012 September

As recognition of ANDRÉ JORDAN GROUP contribution for Sintra Region development, Fernando Roboredo Seara, Mayor of Sintra, honours André Jordan with the Gold Grade of the Merit Medal of Sintra.

2012 September

Belas Clube de Campo Senior Open de Portugal, organized by the ANDRÉ JORDAN GROUP in 2011, gets the 2nd position in the Sustainable Golf Index, published by Between Us and assessing the sustainability of 82 tournaments on the European Tour.

2012 July

Pedro Teixeira, environment engineer responsible for Quality and Environment at PLANBELAS, is distinguished as Officer of the Year 2012 by BCSD (Business Council for Sustainable Development). The decision rewards the management excellence of the André Jordan Group on sustainability issues.

2012 March

PLANBELAS ranked 6th in the 2010 Corporate Sustainability Index (ISE 2010), published by the Centre for Corporate Sustainability of BCSD Portugal. In a total of 150 partners, 51 participated in the survey.

2011 October

The Royal & Ancient (the international regulator for golf practice) declares the Belas Clube de Campo Senior Open de Portugal as a turning point in golf tournaments organized in Portugal, with a new strong emphasis on sustainability.

2011 September

Belas Clube de Campo Senior Open de Portugal is organized by PLANBELAS under a sustainable framework. All the environmental impacts are identified and controlled. The tournament was certified CARBONFREE for offsetting the CO2 emissions associated with the event.

2011 September

Belas Clube de Campo Senior Open de Portugal acquires the 100R Certification, issued by Sociedade Ponto Verde. The norm requires 100% separation, routing and recycling of the packaging of products consumed in the event.

2011 July

PLANBELAS is honoured once again with the Sustainable Development Award, a joint initiative by Heidrick & Struggles International, in partnership with the «Diário Económico» newspaper and BCSD. The award follows the norm DJSI (Dow Jones Sustainability Index) and PLANBELAS ranks among the best and most sustainable companies in Portugal, confirming its 1st position in the Hospitality, Real Estate, Tourism and Recreation class.

2011 May

BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO selected as The Most Sustainable Private Residential Community in Europe by Sustain Worldwide.

2011 April

National Geographic acknowledges BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO golf course as one of the best infrastructures of its kind in the world, concerning environmental preservation and water management.

2011 February

The BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO golf course obtains the certification from GEO (Golf Environment Organization), the international standard granted for the first time in the Iberian Peninsula. This certification recognizes the systemic work of PLANBELAS, since 1998, toward environmental sustainability. The best practices in Belas Clube de Campo meets the strict requirements from GEO, as well as anticipate new environmental challenges, as a responsible commitment between the golf practice and the respect for the environment.

2010 May

BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO acquires the LiderA certification, at the A+ level. This certification covers the whole development area. It is the first residential development to be certified by this system.

2009 September

The Portuguese Federation of Cycling and Bicycle Users grants the Cycling Mobility Award to BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO.

2009 June

The Sustainable Development Award granted to PLANBELAS by Heidrick & Struggles International, in partnership with the «Diário Económico» newspaper and the Business Council for Sustainable Development. The award follows the Dow Jones Sustainability Index and PLANBELAS ranks among the best and most sustainable companies in Portugal.


THE RESIDENCES AT VICTORIA CLUBE DE GOLFE, Vilamoura, is presented as a case study in «Resort Development», a publication of the Urban Land Institute.

2008 November

BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO is the first development in Europe to audit all the apartments, being the only residential community in Europe to comply with the European Energy Certification directive.

2008 January

«Peugeot Golf Guide» selects BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO as one of the top 100 golf courses in Europe.

2007 June

Belas Clube de Campo Environmental  & Quality Management System was certified to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 norms.

2006 April

The Portuguese magazine «Imobiliária» awards BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO with the Oscar do Imobiliário.

2004 November

The professionals participating at the Lisbon Real Estate Fair (SIL) vote BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO as the Best Real Estate Development.

2004 August

The Environmental Management System of LUSOTUR GOLFES is certified according to ISO 9001.

2004 July

The Environmental Management System for Quality and Environment of VILAMOURA MARINA is certified according to ISO 9001.

2004 March

The «Architectural Review» selects the BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO new 325 hectares masterplan for the MIPIM Future Project Awards, in Urban Communities and Sustainability class.

2003 December

BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO is declared by IAGTO (International Association of Golf Tour Operators) one of a few Exceptional Contributors to the world of golf travel, bringing to Portugal the Established Golf Destination of the Year. The IAGTO Awards are the official annual awards for the golf tourism industry.

2003 July

Praia da Falésia Environmental Management System acquires environmental certification according to ISO 14001.

2003 May

The Conference Board declares VILAMOURA as an example of Best Practice due to environmental and sustainable systems implemented by LUSOTUR. The Business Enterprises for Sustainable Travel (BEST) is a joint initiative of The Conference Board, the World Travel & Tourism Council and the International Hotel & Restaurant Association.

2003 April

The Henry Ford European Conservation Awards recognizes LUSOTUR outstanding contribution to the conservation of the natural environment and cultural heritage in VILAMOURA.

2002 July

The Environmental Management System of VILAMOURA MARINA receives environmental certification according to ISO 14001.

2002 May

OECD Environmental Directorate praises «the environmental achievements and LUSOTUR contribution towards environmental progress in the tourism industry and its pioneering efforts to move further environmental management in the sector».

2001 July

The Portuguese Confederation of Environmental Protection Associations  grants the environmental programme for VILAMOURA an Honourable Mention, under the Fernando Pereira National Environmental Award programme.

2000 October

The BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO golf course acquires the environmental certification Committed to Green, issued by the European Golf Association.

2000 June

LUSOTUR is shortlisted for the RICS Awards 2000 at the Regeneration class.

1999 November

The Environmental Management System of the BELAS CLUBE DE CAMPO golf course is certified by SGS ICS according to norm ISO 14001.

1999 June

The «Condé Nast Traveller» magazine grants to VILAMOURA the Honourable Mention under the Ecotourism Awards programme.

1999 June

LUSOTUR and LUSOTUR GOLFES are among the six case studies of the research project Criteria for Environmental Responsible Tourism, developed by Universidade Nova de Lisboa.

1999 May

LUSOTUR honoured by the Loulé Municipality with the Gold Medal for Environmental Protection.

1999 April

The United Nations Commission on Sustainable Development report «Tourism and sustainable development - The global importance of tourism» presents LUSOTUR as an example of a tourism company which promotes sustainable development whilst safeguarding the integrity of local culture and protecting the environment.

1999 February

The Tourism and Environment Award by «Imobiliária» magazine is granted to LUSOTUR.

1998 June

LUSOTUR becomes the first non-industrial company, in Portugal, and golf operator, in the world, to have an Environmental Management System certified according to the ISO 14001 standard.

1998 February

LUSOTUR is the winner of the British Airways Tourism for Tomorrow Award, in the Europe Special Best Short-Haul Resort class.

1997 March

The prestigious Green Globe Award is granted to Vilamoura.


The Blue Flag is granted for the first time to VILAMOURA marina and beaches.